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The Discussion Dies Here...

I didn't feel like maintaining a community nobody was joining, so I decided to turn this into my personal idea space/ bitch session about the local media.

About me...

I'm 17 (18 on May 13), have always lived in Southeast Texas, and know a lot about things pertaining to our local media. I was raised on a steady diet of Television news of mostly the "Eyewitness" (KTRK ABC 13) and "Channel Two" (KPRC NBC 2) varieties. As the child of a Mexican father who wanted me to have a basic footing in spanish, I was exposed to the then two spanish affiliates (KXLN,KTMD) during my infancy. I believe all of this worked to place itself in my mind and cement itself as the basis of a future career.

For the past two years, I have been providing assistance for a small community oriented televsion station in Wichita, Kansas (KCTU-TV). When I am there, I am a reporter who shoots,writes,and edits all of his pieces. I also manage to help out in other ways as well. Last week, when I was there, I managed to arrange an interview with a delegation visiting Wichita from Novogrod,Russia. I led the delegation on a tour of our facilities and even posed with some of them in a few pictures. Funny, considering I'm never there and the regular talent were actually available.

When I first introduced myself to the people at the Wichita Vistor's Bureau (Where the delegation was originally meeting), I told the people where I was from and of course they had to point out that I had no accent. First I didn't sound like I was from Kansas, then I didn't sound like I was from Texas. Ok. That's nothing new. I can actually tell the difference between the two. Sad, but true!

Since that's over for the moment, I'm working on finishing up the bitch that's High Schoool, and will be done with that in a few months. After that, I will be headed for an apprenticeship and probably will try to tie that in with some college.

I decided that a cut would be stupid for all that because, well, It's my fucking journal. That's why.

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