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Houston Media Discussion
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Saturday, April 7th, 2007
2:28 pm
See you there!
Sunday, April 10th, 2005
8:17 am
More is more along Houston's 'Designer Dash'
April 9, 2005, 6:45PM
More is more along Houston's 'Designer Dash'
Houston Chronicle

Until recently, whenever Debra Grierson saw a Louis Vuitton outfit she loved in a fashion magazine or on her favorite Web site, style.com, she called the New York store to place an order.

But now the Houston fashionista points her car toward the Galleria, where Vuitton and a row of boutiques bearing high fashion's biggest names await her.

"It's so much easier, and you want to shop where you live," she said.

Shopping has always been a sport of near-Olympic proportions in this freewheeling capital of conspicuous consumption. But now well-heeled Houstonians have even more reasons to shop till they drop.

Within the past 18 months, dozens of high fashion's premier names have opened or expanded stores in Houston.

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Thursday, November 11th, 2004
7:49 am
Nov. 7, 2004, 10:19PM
Ridership of 32,941 in October sets a record
Copyright 2004 Houston Chronicle

Ridership on the Main Street light rail line went up again in October, setting another record, the Metropolitan Transit Authority says.

October numbers released last week show 32,941 average weekday boardings, up 2 percent from the 32,292 recorded in September. That was the first month the daily ridership count topped 30,000.

Average weekend ridership also went up 2 percent compared with September's count, not counting three Sundays in October when the Houston Texans played home games at Reliant Stadium. MetroRail ridership typically doubles on a Sunday home game.

The record weekend count remains from January, when an average 41,648 people per weekend rode the train during its inaugural month of service.

Total ridership, including special events, for October was 853,542, up 4.5 percent from September's record high.

Metro collects ridership data through "automatic passenger counter" devices embedded above train doors.

From staff reports


Current Mood: excited
Wednesday, October 20th, 2004
4:42 pm
Lesbian Couple Looking For Housemates

Hello! We are a young lesbian couple of five years, and are looking for one or two similar folks to share a three or four bedroom home in the central Houston area. Ideally, the pair would be lesbians or queer friendly, like dogs (we have two-they are good with children and other dogs in most cases), share similar values and interests, and although we love them, the house must be kept cat free (unless as an outdoor pet: Rebecca is highly allergic).

We would like to improve our value of living without having to pay much more in bills. We are both students having to pay our own way slowly through college. Our dogs really need a back yard, and we would enjoy having more space in places like the kitchen and bath. Having a washer and dryer in the house would also be more than welcome. I am an artist (painter, photographer, and I fix up old furniture) and entrepreneur, so I need as much space as I can get. I would love to find someone who would either share the space of the two-car garage, or not mind my using the space for my art projects. If the house we found had a storage building big enough, I could just use that.

We would like to find friends, but understand the value of privacy. We have many wonderful friends, and like to entertain from time to time, but to have people over on a day-to-day basis is rare. I smoke outdoors because Rebecca has asthma. We enjoy a drink from time to time, but it’s a rare event and I’ve never been drunk. We don’t mind if you drink as long as it’s not the getting drunk all the time kind! And we also loathe drunk driving; too many innocent people are hurt or killed this way. We don’t do drugs and wish to live in a completely drug free house (even though we think pot should be legal, it isn’t). We are both extremely trust-worthy and are looking for the same. Please check out our web page to learn more about us.

Friday, September 10th, 2004
2:08 am
Like Clockwork, I return

Of course, it would have to be an extremely messed up clock without a concept of time, but alas... It's here and I'm back. What's happened since the pause?

News 2 Houston is now Local 2.

I was in Lufkin the first night of the whole "changeover" but I do have to say something about it. For whatever reason, I actually feel better. Sure the content isn't all that great, and the graphics still are a bit much, but it's a tad comforting to know that it's no longer News 2 Houston. My cap is now a collector's item, I suppose. Unfortunately, we didn't see any dead weight leave the studios (not really expecting that either) with the new change.

Why Change?

Well, that's a bit of a story. The people who brought us the "NewsCenter" and "News 2 Houston" itself had started a change at a number of their stations. Post-Newsweek's ops in Detroit (WDIV), Orlando (WKMG) and Miami (WPLG) for example were among the first to show the "Local" concept. In our situation, we still have the same stupid "set" that's based on the open concept of so long ago and these god-awful promos. You know the ones I'm talking about. They all start with one of the anchors and only their first name as if we've always been their friends, and from there it leads to what exactly "local" means to them. In essence, it's all rehashed.

And no, I don't like the idea of "Radar" the weather dog. It's not really that cute or gimmicky. Should I care that Bill Balleza built his doghouse? At least that's one thing he seems to be able to do correctly...

And the Weather Garden is an interesting concept too. I know it's been around for a while, but I didn't realize it was in other cities. I saw a version on Little Rock's CBS affiliate, KTHV. Sad thing is, they had a better execution on how to shoot it, even at night. They're pretty good, and in ways they remind me of KPRC, just if they had gone a better way years ago.

End of that bit.

Well, what else do we have?

A bit more of a tirade on local programming, perhaps?

You gots it.

I've scoured a number of tapes from the mid-80's to today and you know what I'm most apalled at? The lack of local programming on our network affiliates. Sure there are a few bright rays about, but in essence, it's all but dead today. The only reason you see so much news these days is the reason that it happens to be much cheaper to produce those shows and rake in the money soon after through Ad revenue and all the other fun ways of profiteering. Why else would KRIV have 4 hours of morning news (5-9) AM? It's a trend that's been passing through major markets for the last few years and finally made it's way here. I do think that their two tickers are a bit much. This is ironic, in the sense that when they promoted the AM news only a year or two ago (right before the addition of another hour) there was one promo where the advertising department was trying to put together... A Promo! One of the suggestions was for tickers to run on all sides of the screen at all times. Baby steps, it seems, this is.

Scanning through tapes, I saw a bit of nostalgia pass by... Good Morning Houston. Why isn't that back on the air again?

For a period (1985-1991), it was the #1 Local Morning Show in the country, and captured 40% of the viewing audience at 9AM. Nothing comes anywhere near close to that today, anywhere. Enough people have stories, enough events happen, enough advice and products can be promoted and hawked and people can call in... Everybody wins. We know why that show failed in the end though. It stopped covering local happenings and focused more on personal and health issues. It was gone in 1993. Debra(orah, if you watch 11) Duncan came about in '98 and tried to strike it up in a similar vein, but that only lasted for so long, as it was canned in 2002. The newer set survives today, though as the set for Houston Texans Coverage.

And though nobody's really that sure where Jan Glenn is these days, Don Nelson is obviously in front of the camera today. Lisa Tripani (91-93 Host, Reporter, Anchor) is still at the station as well, though she retired from the hosting and news department and currently works on the business end of things.

Anybody ever watch our spanish stations? Not necessarily the ones with local news, but just in general.

I think we have more than any single market in the country. I believe it's about 5 now.

I actually grew up watching these guys, 45 and 48 (now 47) anyway.

Take a look at KTMD in 1993. For a while I wanted to either work for them or KXLN, the station with the superior news/everything product. Why do I say that? This was about the time that the stations both started looking more professional. KXLN had (and still does have) very good production values, with one of the better looking operations in town, also poised to move to their new building in the Galleria area in the not to distant future. It's a bunch of steps up from their current location in an office park off Kirby Drive. KTMD is still in the same building it has been since going on-air in 1988 which is actually not that far from KHWB's studios off Westpark and on Stoney Brook.

It's the KZJL's you have to look out for. They don't have any local news product, but most of their programming is local. A few months ago, when I was around Dallas, I saw that their owners (Liberman Broadcasting) seem to have picked up another station, KMPX. Formerly one of Daystar's (Religious Net) flagships, the station is something I don't think I'd see any kind of minister ever watch. They too have a version of "La Raza TV" which is... you guessed it. Relatively clean, dirty programming, replete with ass shaking, and rather interesting "humor". I'm not a prude or anything by a decent stretch of the imagination, but everything needs a limit.

Long enough? Maybe more later...

Friday, July 30th, 2004
1:11 am
The News isn't on 24, anymore...
Leave it to Mike Crew to get it wrong and be ahead of his time in the same town, thrice.

The third time wasn't the charm on this venture.

News 24 Houston folded shop on July 23, and as of late has been occupied by the ever increasing C-Span empire. C-Span's Book-TV, once relegated to the 70's and 80's on Houston area TWC systems, has now been bumped up quite a bit. I'll admit to being a news junkie, and as such, I did watch N24H more than any average human being should or actally would have anyway. It actually seemed like they were getting a tad more substance to their operation as well. As recently as a few weeks ago, I managed to catch promos for a number of new franchises it seemed like they were introducing.

It's also one of the few places you could see some talent from days gone by, and it was always great to hear Doug Johnson tell the stories for the Lone Star Lore. Some things never change.

The reason I've heard for it's demise is the fact that it was actually starting to do well enough on it's own, it's half-owner, BELO (KHOU's Owners) backed out of the deal due to accounting irregularities and whatnot.

Saturday, July 17th, 2004
10:08 am

Back Again!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit Lufkin and get a look at what the local media seems to be like there. This will be the first of a few "Report Cards" of sorts on media in other areas for a different perspective on our own.

I actually applied at one of these outlets, but that really doesn't affect my outlook on all of this...

FYI: Lufkin is 2 and a half hours north of Houston on US 59. It's in the heart of the piney woods and east Texas.


They look amazing for a small satellite station. Here's why. They recieve programming and their morning and midday news from KLTV in Tyler. In addition to that, their owners (Liberty) have recently given all of their stations a makeover in the graphics department, thus the professional look in such a small area. The presentation is done in such a way that it's hard to believe that the news is being done in a small town, but certain things creep in to remind you of the fact. Missing graphics, people scurrying around the floor near the end of a newscast, and other minor details sometimes show up, but do not detract from the presentation.


This station is new (only signed on several months ago), and occupies the channel that the area's NBC station occupied. Max Media paid to have the rights to Channel 19, and thus it was theirs. They are buliding their operations as of late, and currently have plans to debut a local newscast in August or September. Right now, they simulcast news from DFW's KTVT. It's not really a shock since KTVT is available on numerous cable systems throughout that part of the state, although it really isn't that close to Dallas. The tower now broadcasts at full power, thus allowing a strong signal to carry from around Tyler (where the tower site is) to Lufkin (80 miles south).


KLSB is new to this channel, after signing-on channel 19 back in 1991. They have business offices and a small production department in Nacogdoches (20mi North of Lufkin). They simulcast news from Tyler's NBC station KETK, and have no plans to go into the local news business.

Amazing what you can find outside of your own back yard...

Friday, June 18th, 2004
10:53 am
So, it's been a while eh?

Well, what's happened in the last few months that's worth talking about...

-If you haven't been told the story of the man we call Marvin Zindler, you can now read about him. That's right, a book was released relatively under the radar a while back. It's called "White Knight in Blue Shades" and it's author is Dr. Joseph Agris, who has accompanied Marvin on many of his worldwide efforts, as well as through a few facelifts. It's almost 460 pages long, and has a number of photographs in the mid-section of the book. The clincher is the price. I managed to find one locally (An Eckerd's in Rosenberg had one!) but it cost 50.00 due to the fact it was hardback. A paperback one was found for about 20.00, but I got one for about 15.00 in a Bellaire bookstore.

-There's a paper called the African-American News & Issues. The highest concentration of the paper's stands seem to be downtown, which is where I picked up a copy of this recent edition. On the cover, there was a whole piece on essentially how "evil" Wayne Dolcefino is and how he wants to take out the African American community. The thing is, if anyone read this, they should have caught that it was an Editorial, and not fact driven and written by the editor-in-chief (I think). Of course, the picture of Wayne was fuzzy and looked a tad "angry" to fit the purpose of the article. You can guess what the bulk of the article was about. Kid-Care and Sylvester Turner...

-The Conservatives have a new blog of sorts to help counter what they believe is liberal bias coming from the Houston Chronicle. The website is called Chronically Biased, and is the product of Dan Patrick and Radio station 700 KSEV. A number of the show's hosts and staff provide articles, mostly about the nuances of life, politics, and the world, but some to counter some of the articles the Chronicle puts out. They have recently added a Classified section with some of the best rates I've seen anywhere, and are planning to expand the concept to an even larger site later in the year to which CB will be a part of. 

-Some people have told me that Channel 13's 50th anniversary show will be coming in November. It may be up to 2 hours long, and features will obviously proceed it.

Monday, March 22nd, 2004
11:17 pm
The Discussion Dies Here...

I didn't feel like maintaining a community nobody was joining, so I decided to turn this into my personal idea space/ bitch session about the local media.

About me...

I'm 17 (18 on May 13), have always lived in Southeast Texas, and know a lot about things pertaining to our local media. I was raised on a steady diet of Television news of mostly the "Eyewitness" (KTRK ABC 13) and "Channel Two" (KPRC NBC 2) varieties. As the child of a Mexican father who wanted me to have a basic footing in spanish, I was exposed to the then two spanish affiliates (KXLN,KTMD) during my infancy. I believe all of this worked to place itself in my mind and cement itself as the basis of a future career.

For the past two years, I have been providing assistance for a small community oriented televsion station in Wichita, Kansas (KCTU-TV). When I am there, I am a reporter who shoots,writes,and edits all of his pieces. I also manage to help out in other ways as well. Last week, when I was there, I managed to arrange an interview with a delegation visiting Wichita from Novogrod,Russia. I led the delegation on a tour of our facilities and even posed with some of them in a few pictures. Funny, considering I'm never there and the regular talent were actually available.

When I first introduced myself to the people at the Wichita Vistor's Bureau (Where the delegation was originally meeting), I told the people where I was from and of course they had to point out that I had no accent. First I didn't sound like I was from Kansas, then I didn't sound like I was from Texas. Ok. That's nothing new. I can actually tell the difference between the two. Sad, but true!

Since that's over for the moment, I'm working on finishing up the bitch that's High Schoool, and will be done with that in a few months. After that, I will be headed for an apprenticeship and probably will try to tie that in with some college.

I decided that a cut would be stupid for all that because, well, It's my fucking journal. That's why.

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