The Guy. (deviant_pig) wrote in houstonnews,
The Guy.

The News isn't on 24, anymore...

Leave it to Mike Crew to get it wrong and be ahead of his time in the same town, thrice.

The third time wasn't the charm on this venture.

News 24 Houston folded shop on July 23, and as of late has been occupied by the ever increasing C-Span empire. C-Span's Book-TV, once relegated to the 70's and 80's on Houston area TWC systems, has now been bumped up quite a bit. I'll admit to being a news junkie, and as such, I did watch N24H more than any average human being should or actally would have anyway. It actually seemed like they were getting a tad more substance to their operation as well. As recently as a few weeks ago, I managed to catch promos for a number of new franchises it seemed like they were introducing.

It's also one of the few places you could see some talent from days gone by, and it was always great to hear Doug Johnson tell the stories for the Lone Star Lore. Some things never change.

The reason I've heard for it's demise is the fact that it was actually starting to do well enough on it's own, it's half-owner, BELO (KHOU's Owners) backed out of the deal due to accounting irregularities and whatnot.

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