The Guy. (deviant_pig) wrote in houstonnews,
The Guy.

So, it's been a while eh?

Well, what's happened in the last few months that's worth talking about...

-If you haven't been told the story of the man we call Marvin Zindler, you can now read about him. That's right, a book was released relatively under the radar a while back. It's called "White Knight in Blue Shades" and it's author is Dr. Joseph Agris, who has accompanied Marvin on many of his worldwide efforts, as well as through a few facelifts. It's almost 460 pages long, and has a number of photographs in the mid-section of the book. The clincher is the price. I managed to find one locally (An Eckerd's in Rosenberg had one!) but it cost 50.00 due to the fact it was hardback. A paperback one was found for about 20.00, but I got one for about 15.00 in a Bellaire bookstore.

-There's a paper called the African-American News & Issues. The highest concentration of the paper's stands seem to be downtown, which is where I picked up a copy of this recent edition. On the cover, there was a whole piece on essentially how "evil" Wayne Dolcefino is and how he wants to take out the African American community. The thing is, if anyone read this, they should have caught that it was an Editorial, and not fact driven and written by the editor-in-chief (I think). Of course, the picture of Wayne was fuzzy and looked a tad "angry" to fit the purpose of the article. You can guess what the bulk of the article was about. Kid-Care and Sylvester Turner...

-The Conservatives have a new blog of sorts to help counter what they believe is liberal bias coming from the Houston Chronicle. The website is called Chronically Biased, and is the product of Dan Patrick and Radio station 700 KSEV. A number of the show's hosts and staff provide articles, mostly about the nuances of life, politics, and the world, but some to counter some of the articles the Chronicle puts out. They have recently added a Classified section with some of the best rates I've seen anywhere, and are planning to expand the concept to an even larger site later in the year to which CB will be a part of. 

-Some people have told me that Channel 13's 50th anniversary show will be coming in November. It may be up to 2 hours long, and features will obviously proceed it.

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